Friday, 10 December 2010

Share Your Imagination.

We came across a website a couple of days ago with a competition that seemed too good not to share with everyone we know!

The website is and the brief looks a little like this:

"Share your imagination.
Sony and WWF want to hear your smart ideas about using technology to make the most of our planet's resources. And to get you started, we’ve pulled together a showcase of technologies that are ripe for re-purposing. Now it’s up to you to put them together in radical new ways… and shape a cleaner, more sustainable future for our planet. How can we make better use of our scarce natural resources? How can we actively change people’s behaviour and encourage more sustainable lifestyles?
These are the environmental challenges that clearly matter most to you...
Take a look at our technology showcase and start thinking about how you could re-use, combine or mash-up these and any other technologies - to address the challenge. Everyone in our community’s invited to get involved. You can applaud other people’s concepts or refine them further: best of all, why not contribute a concept of your own?
Our expert panel will select, along with the community, the concepts that most excite them. Once the winning concept is chosen, its contributors will work together with these experts to make the final concept real."

One of the themes is 'Cleaner by Design', which is where our ears pricked up:

"How can technology help us design products, services and infrastructure with fever environmental impacts in their manufacture, use and disposal? Smarter design approaches could improve products' energy efficiency and reduce the materials used in products – but that’s just the start. From car sharing clubs to cloud services, we can reduce environmental inputs and enjoy the results. Technology can also help us re-think conventional approaches to urban planning, building design and food production & distribution."

This is an example of one of the (many) entries, entitled 'Ecological House'. You can read a bit more about it here;

Can't wait to see the winners!

Click to visit the Assembly Studios Homepage.

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