Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Assembly Launches New Company Website


Designed in Flash and HTML by our in-house team the new Assembly website utilises SWF address, to provide deep linking in flash and provide a fully SEO and accessible xhtml alternative.

Assured Dental Care Choose Assembly

We are pleased to announce that we have been commissioned by Assured Dental Care to work on some exciting designs for their new company, from print material (stationery and reports) to web design and development.

The team are looking forward to rolling out the new brand and website in the coming weeks.

ADAC Animation Unveiled with Great Success

Working alongside Brand Faith to compile a short animation promoting the Abu Dhabi Airport Company, the final animation was successfully launched at the ADAC brand event back in August and is currently being screened outside the Abu Dhabi airport. The team were delighted with the end result and are looking forward to working with ADAC & Brand Faith in the future.

"I LOVE IT. Great work"
Sheikha Al Maskari, VP Corporate Affairs