Tuesday, 22 March 2011

When Jon met James (Cameron, that is!)

3d Masterclass with James Cameron and Carlos Saldanha
Abu Dhabi Media Summit

Jon Wells, our Creative Director in Abu Dhabi, was lucky enough to be invited to a 3D masterclass with James Cameron last week, by one of our clients, Abu Dhabi Media. The invitation followed our recent work on their new website and animated sting. (Have a look - http://www.admedia.ae/)

James Cameron was joined by Carlos Saldanha (director of the Ice Age series and the upcoming film Rio) and Jim Gianopulos (Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment) to deliver the special masterclass, held at the auditorium of the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

James Cameron spoke about reactions to Avatar and how indigenous people around the world identified strongly with the movie and its overriding message. He showed behind the scenes clips from the film to demonstrate how ‘performance capture’ is so much more than just ‘motion capture’.

Carlos discussed the incredible hard work, dedication and time that goes into today’s animated 3D films, not only on the Stereo 3D aspects of it. He showed clips from the making of RIO, his soon to be released S3D animated film.

Both James and Carlos agreed that S3D by itself will not “make” a film. It’s the idea, the story, the acting and the directing that makes a compelling S3D film, as it does any film.

So, all in all, an incredibly inspiring and educational morning!

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