Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Illustration by Dina Khorchid Selected for Illustration Exhibition

Dina, designer in our Abu Dhabi studio, recently entered an open call for illustrations of Emirati, Arab and International artists, and was fortunate to have her illustration 'The Old Woman' short-listed and selected to be showcased in an illustration group exhibition later this month.

'The Old Woman' came about after hearing a traditional Kuwaiti folk-tale 'The Old Woman and the Animals' (a tale about an old woman's quest to find which one of her animals hasn’t been listening to her commands) which inspired Dina to illustrate the main character of the story - the old woman - in a playful approach that hints at this woman's character and culture. The process started by looking at photographs from Kuwait, documented in the 1950's, where women walked to the souk dressed in their black abayas (traditional garment of women in the gulf region) and often carried their straw baskets on their heads to transport purchased goods, and by observing the beauty in old women's facial features and expressions.

The exhibition will take place at Expo Center, Sharjah - United Arab Emirates, from 23 April - 2 May. An international jury will award prizes honoring the artist of the three best works. Alongside the exhibition, Dina will be participating in a workshop with illustrator/animator David Habchy. We'll be back with more news then!

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