Monday, 19 December 2011

“I want an APP!”

You want an App? We can give you an App! Here at Assembly Studios, we can produce a version of your website that functions as an App, allowing you to browse your website WITHOUT an active internet connection. A click of a button lets you export your site to iPad / iPhone / other mobile device. Here are some of the questions we get asked:
How can it benefit me?
Use your website as a presentation tool without being reliant on an internet connection. Downloading to mobile devices could give you image galleries with touch screen navigation, or geolocational applications to guide your customers right to your front door.
How much do they cost?
The cost of producing your App can be a small percentage of your web build cost.
What do I put in it?
Whatever you like, with Assembly Studios’ content management system, you can modify the content of your App with the click of a mouse.
How do I get me one?
Give us a call 020 7426 2080 or drop us an email on – we’d love to discuss how it might work for your company.

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