Monday, 14 February 2011

Meet the Team - Benedicte Van Boxel

Assembly Studios Appoints New Account Director for London Studio

Here at Assembly Studios, we're proud to announce the appointment of Benedicte van Boxel as Account Director for our London studio.

Meet the Team - Benedicte Van Boxel

What’s your favourite advertising / marketing campaign and why?
Compare the Meerkat : fantastic character and catch phrase. My kids use it: Simples! Aleksandr Orlov really makes the brand stand out and creates a connection between the brand and the customers. Irritating but so memorable!

What do you wish you had designed / invented?
I wish I had designed L’Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, still one of my favourite buildings ever.

Any websites or design magazines you use for inspiration?
One of my favourite site is Mashable, it’s all about social media . I am quite fascinated by how social media has made people a force to be reckon with! Otherwise I am a big fan of the Sartorialist blog, amazing fashion pictures, real trend setters.

Is there a piece of technology you couldn’t live without?
My smartphone!

What’s the best job you’ve ever worked on?
Working on the travelling exhibition “les Grands Travaux” in Paris. The aim of the exhibition was to promote the major architectural projects commissioned by Miterrand in Paris (The Pyramid du Louvre, etc). I was at the time working in Paris, and the exhibition travelled to the RIBA in London. It was my first trip to London and I absolutely fell in love with the city!

Describe your perfect weekend?
Time with the children , a run, good food and a night out with my best friends.
What makes you laugh out loud?
Slapstick comedy.

If you had to sum yourself up in 140 characters twitter style, what would you say?
A fun and food loving gal who embraces life to the full.

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