Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Plans, Resolutions and Goals for 2011.

At Assembly we've been chatting about Christmas (the office's favorite time of year to indulge - see previous post!), the New Year, Resolutions and our plans for 2011...


A thought that came up repeatedly during our discussion was that the best gifts to receive at Christmas were the thoughtful ones - whether it was a trip to Rome(!), or quite an amusing novelty jumper from someones Grandma;

Among the other wishes for gifts from Santa were a new laptop, and Tango lessons!

A different type of 'doing' gift we'd recommend would be to check out this exhibition - it's the Rachel Whiteread Drawings at the Tate Britain, on until the 16th January 2011. Well worth a look! Or have a sneak peak at this informative review.
Or for something a little different, we're itching to check out This Exhibition. It's called 'Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography'. It's the work of five international contemporary artists, who work literally - without cameras to create one-off pictures (or works of art)...it looks really interesting and unusual.  

New Years Plans/Resolutions
A popular resolution with the team that also seemed pretty do-able, came from our Managing Director - "To free up time to engage more often with current design. It's easy to fall out of the habit."

This resonated with a lot of the office - it's so easy to focus on work, and solely on the particular area of design and creativity you're working on, it's often refreshing  and can be pretty useful to remind yourself of the other creative industries and disciplines.
 Different people choose to do this in different ways, with some deciding to make more use of the Internet - reading more design-orientated blogs, newsletters and visiting sites such as The Cool Hunter, and Its Nice That.

For other members of the team however, it translates into visiting more museums, exhibitions and different places locally, such as the Barbican Centre - a fairly unusual experience for central London!
 In 2011, Assembly Studios as a whole is hoping to attend more design talks, conferences and trade exhibitions - not only as visitors, but also hopefully as contributors!

Plans for 2011

It looks like the Assembly staff are going to be pretty busy during 2011! A few plans include;
- A Stag Do in Amsterdam
- Snow-boarding in Bulgaria (in February) & Florida (in October)
- Traveling to Sri Lanka to see my latest nephew
- Tangoing Neouvo in Berlin - apparently it's the place to dance at the moment.
- Fitting in as many festivals as possible! 
Speaking of festivals, a few of our favorites are (in no particular order);

Hop Farm Festival
The Camden Crawl

And so so many more. We can't wait 'till summer!

However our favorite resolution/plan for 2011 had to be:
Become a year wiser.

Wishing you all you could hope for in 2011, the Assembly Studios team xxx

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